Intellectual Property

You innovate, we’ll protect

When you’ve worked to create and design you’ll want to know that your products, ideas or inventions can’t be stolen or copied without there being legal consequences.

Generating your concept, model or plan might have been a Eureka moment or the result of years of dedication, either way you need to protect your ideas which could include trade mark applications, branding, licensing and domain name strategy.  We’ll advise and work with you to put these in place so that you avoid future problems such as passing off, copyright infringements and counterfeits.

We’re with you when you’re transforming your own ideas into reality and if you decide to take the road of co-existence agreements or franchises we’re also there to ensure those decisions are established in your best interests.

The services we provide include advising clients on how to file for IP rights protection.  We are also experienced in the negotiation required within IP law together with being able to represent clients involved in intellectual property disputes.

Whether your work is in the creative industries, manufacturing, technology, published or awaiting publication we will advise and guide you through the requirements in respect of trademarks, designs, know how, patents and copyright.


When you’ve done your own work, we’ll make sure you own it.

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