Website Terms of Use

The Benefits of having Website Terms of Use:

  • Website Terms of Use allow you to better protect your rights in your website.
  • Website Terms of Use allow you to identify risks that you may have and to help limit your liability for those risks.
  • Website Terms of Use set out what visitors to your site can and cannot do. If you discover misuse, it helps you to better protect your position.


The benefits of having your Website Terms of Use drafted by us:

  • We are solicitors, regulated and experienced to ensure satisfaction.
  • Website Terms of Use should reflect your rights and your potential risks. We seek to identify and address your requirements.
  • We work with you, to understand your business and objectives for your website.

Please contact us for further information on Tel. 020 3397 7590

Terms and Conditions

  1. We will need to send to you our terms of engagement.
  2. Our fixed fee is inclusive of VAT.
  3. The fixed fee applies for typical or straight forward application Website Terms of Use. It comprises: (a) a brief review of your website; (b) discussions of no more than 30 minutes which is sufficient for most Website Terms of Use; (c) drafting the Website Terms of Use; (d) having no more than 1 revision to the Terms of Use.
  4. Our fixed fee is suitable for a majority of websites, but there may be circumstances for which it is not appropriate. If this is the case, we will let you know.

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